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Shiny Sparkles Infant/Wobbler program is open for kids from 6 weeks to 23 months old. We have experienced and certified teachers in our Infant/Wobbler rooms. Our teacher to child ratio is 4:1. Our Infant/Wobbler classrooms are designed with a safe environment.

Our Infant/Wobbler Program provides a nurturing environment in which our youngest students begin their Montessori education. As the foundation for our Preschool curriculum, the Wobbler program is designed to guide each child through the separation process, as well as to introduce them to routines of school life.

Wobblers absorb knowledge from everything they see and do. The classroom environment is designed to allow them to build trust and to instil a love of learning. To an adult, their "work" might look like play, but to a Wobbler, it is an extraordinary learning period requiring all of their concentration.

In this room, we start introducing Montessori apparatus.

We send activity sheet home with infants/wobblers daily, which contains:

  1. Feeding and sleep schedule

  2. Diapering activities

  3. Physical activities

  4. And more

Every child will use their five senses through sensory play to develop their motor skills.

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